Collection: Hammocks

We are honored to be the exclusive distributor for the Mazelaki classic hammocks. We've been using it for months and are such a fan, that we really wanted to bring this gane changer to the BENELUX. So here we are!

A Baby Stroller Hammock is nothing more than a comfortable and safe form of rest for the second (or subsequent) child in the family. It is an alternative to double strollers and the popular solution of adding a footboard to the stroller. The hammock is universal (fits most popular strollers available on the market) and is simple and quick to install and remove.

At any moment, you can fold it and store it in the stroller or bag. It takes up very little space and is lightweight, making it easy to go for both short walks and unforgettable vacations. If you don't want to, you don't have to remove it; the hammock doesn't interfere with walks when the child is not inside and can be mounted at all times. Furthermore, from experience, we know that it comes in handy not only for transporting children but also for shopping or packages! We love it and are huge fan!